Saturday, December 27, 2008

the creel "appellation" 1998

CD rip 160-192 VBR
Track List
1. As I Roved Out
2. May Blooming Field
3. Isle of Islay
4. Sweet William
5. Sweet Virgins (Leaves of Life)
6. Leve toi et danse
7. Nobody Knew She was there
8. Schooldays Over
9. One I Love
10. Lord Randal
11. Cannily, Cannily
12. Christmas is now Drawing Near
13 Aj, Chodila, Chodila

I stumbled over this CD at a second-hand dealer's shop a few years ago. Despite research, the only thing I know about this group is what is contained in the CD graphics. The members of the group were Fergusson Elliott, Ruth Forshaw, Gabriel Kankindji, Stephanie Osfield and a Kim Poole. It was "recorded, mixed and mastered in the Studios of the University of Western Sydney". Produced by Mountain Music of Wentworth Falls in NSW. I'm unable to find anything on the web about this CD, the group or the producer. There are some scant uninformative references to a couple of the performers. I presume that back in 1998, they were an active part of the folk scene in Sydney. I cannot source any sellers of the CD so I will publish it here.
You will find that this was a very accomplished group both musically and vocally who could easily have been better recognised for their considerable talent. Well worth a listen.

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  1. Just found this blog tonight.
    What an absolute treasure! Thanks very much for what must be hard slog but also an obvious labour of love.
    From a reference on the Blue Mountains Muic Festival 2011

    A MySpace page for Ferguson Elliott who is still very much a current performer by the looks of it...

  2. Stephanie Osfield & Kim Poole are my sister & brother-in-law. They live in Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains. Stephanie is an accomplished & award-winning freelance writer & Kim is a teacher of music & all things good. The Creel was their second folk band - Talesin being their first with Ian Barker & Michael Spencer. I miss their live performances, but their two CD's are well worth a listen.
    Liam Kean (& Heidi Osfield)