Monday, December 29, 2008

Lionel Long "Songs of the Sea" 1964

LP Rip MP3 Mono 192-224
Track List
1. High Barbaree
2. Good-Bye My Lover Goodbye
3. The Golden Vanity
4. The Eddystone Light
5. The Greenland Whale Fishery
6. Captain Kidd
7. The Chivalrous Shark
8. The Sloop "John B"
9. Johnny Todd
10. Botany Bay
11. The Drunken Sailor
12. Sally Bolt
13. Oh! You New York Girls

I have just finished ripping this hard-to-get album. Sadly, it's only mono but then, with an issue date of 1964, the "stereo" version was probably more pseudo-stereo than actual. This was a well-used LP and, although I have cleaned up the tracks, it is not quite up to the high quality that I usually aim for. But I am probably just being too self-critical. (It's hard to avoid getting that way when you have just spent hours editing tracks).
All the tracks are well-sung with great music backing. There are some great folk classics here including some that are not that common on "sea songs" albums.

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  1. Thanks for this one - much appreciated!

  2. Great to see something exclusively on Australian folk. Well done!