Friday, December 26, 2008

Dave de Hugard "Freedom on the Wallaby" 1970

LP rip VBR 192-224
Track List
Kitty's Jig
Travelling Down the Castlereagh
Cocky of Bungaree
Four Little Johnny Cakes
Across the Western Plains
Billy of Tea
Starry Night for a Ramble
Springtime It Brings on the Shearing
Little Fish
Another Fall of Rain
The Tent Poles are Rotten
Murry River Gallop - Soldiers' Joy Medley

Dave de Hugard is a wonderful old gentleman who has been a regular folk performer for over forty years and still regularly attends folk festivals in Australia. This was his first LP originally issued in 1970 under the Music for Pleasure label. It was re-issued (as an LP) under the Larrikin label in 1983. I believe that this is one of the very best Australian folk music albums ever issued and it is astonishing that it has never been re-released on CD considering that Dave is still so popular. The download file contains notes about the musicians involved and the cover graphic.

Download "Freedom on the Wallaby"
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  1. My brother Mike EVES (not Mike EVANS as listed on your download file) arranged all the tracks on the Freedon on the Wallaby LP and produced the record. Sadly Mike died in Los Angeles on 21st February. Messages from friends would be welcome and passed to his son Paul, send to

  2. Well the tent poles are rotten and me blankets are are damp and the fast rising floodwaters flow down through the camp. I'm out on the wallaby I'm humpin me drum and I come down the road where the sundowners come

  3. And It's north west be west. over ranges afar, to the plains where the cattle and the sheep stations are, and it's scarecly a comrade me memory reveals, though the spirit still tingles in me toe and me heels

  4. I wrote, in part, in a December 1970 Journal Article: 'Freedom On The Wallaby' Dave de Huggard - Music For Pleasure - MFP A8131.

    '...The material and musicianship are excellent and the production values high. It is a quality presentation with a full colour study on the front of the sleeve and with informative notes and first-rate photographs on the back of the sleeve. This attention to presentation detail gives added historical relevance to the enthusiast and ultimately to the researcher. This album will find a place in any current collection and in the future will be valued as an artefact of the Australian Folk Revival...'

    Dermott Ryder
    Folk Odyssey – The Magazine

  5. Does anyone know whatever happened to Dave Pilley?

  6. I have treasured this recording for over 40 years and still regularly return to listen my vinyl copy with great pleasure. It became the benchmark against which I measured all other recordings of Australian bush ballads. An amazing recording and now historical document that for me captures the "essence" of an iconic Australian folk music style.

  7. Thanks so much for this download. It will be wonderful to have this record again after all these years. I too remember it fondly but ony have my ageing cassette copy (of the scratchy original) to listen to. I have lived with, and treasured, Dave De Hugard’s versions of these songs for so long. No other renditions seem to do them justice.


  8. Hello,
    I am after the chords for "The Tent Poles Are Rotten"
    I play banjo, and have just been asked to learn it for a solo, for our bush band.
    I am an old serious cancer survivor, and have really bad tinnitus (loud ringing - not church bells), which makes it hard for me to work out stuff by ear, nowdays. So if somebody can help me with the chords, it would be most appreciated.
    And tinnitus doesn't impair making banjo sing.

    Greg White - Casterton Vic (Stumpy Gully Bush Band)

    1. Hello Greg. I understand that the usual arrangement for "The Tent Poles are Rotten" were the original work of Dave De Hugard. The last I knew he was living at Maldon (or nearby) in Maldon. Perhaps you could contact him?

    2. Dave lives in Castlemain VIC