Saturday, December 27, 2008

Denis Gibbons "Folk Songs Vol 2" 1966

LP Rip 196-224VBR (W&G Blue Label 25-2633)

Track List
1. Flash Jack from Gundagai
2. Springtime It Brings on the Shearing
3. Backblock Shearer
4. Another Fall of Rain
5. Moreton Bay
6. Denis O'Reilly
7. Look out Below
8. Wallaby Stew
9. Barbara Allen
10. The Hut that's Upside Down
11. Little Mohee
12. Old Blue

Another LP from Denis Gibbons (I have not included the covers because they are of a generic type simply including the titles and the track list - as was common with the Blue Label series if I recall correctly). These are well performed songs in a simple traditional folk manner. Although he was a highly respected folk performer, he was apolitical in his singing and choice of songs, which contrasted with many of his contemporaries. Consequently, he was often tolerated more than welcomed.
The inclusion of one English standard - Barbara Allen - and the American standards - Old Blue and Little Mohee - reflect the fact that these were songs known and sung in Australia even prior to the folk revival.
Two uncommon tracks are "Look Out Below" (a contemporary music hall song) and "The Hut that's Upside Down". This LP cleaned up fairly well unlike a couple of my other Gibbons LPs for which I cannot do complete tracks.

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