Saturday, May 11, 2013

Danny Spooner "Brave Bold Boys" CD 2008

It has been a while, hasn't yet? I've been tied up with a range of interests.

Well, here is the first of a series of "out of print" albums by that brilliant ex-pat pom, Danny Spooner (long may he thrive). This series has come from a number of contributors to whom we all owe a big vote of thanks. And likewise to Danny Spooner who has made the decision to make all "sold out" albums "soon available for download from" his website. A good one to keep an eye out for at this link.

Meanwhile, Danny has two CDs still available for sale, namely, "Gorgeous Game Girls" (2012) and, with Duncan Brown, "The fox, the hare and the poacher"s fate" (2010). Buy them for yourself!

1. Bold Thady Quill
2. The Foggy Dew (note: the English traditional - not the Irish rebellion one)
3. Nothing's Had without Money
4. Marlborough
5. Our Jack
6. Brown Adam (Child 98)
7. Joseph Baker (Pete Coe)
8. Lord Willoughby
9. John O'Grinfilt
10. Johnny Stewart, Drover
11. John Maclean's March
12. The Banks of the Bann
13. The Streets of Forbes
14. John Ball
15. As I Came in by Fisherrow
16. Thornaby Woods

Download MP3 256CBR 93Mb
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Danny Spooner's widow has advised that plans are currently underway to expand the website to re-release Danny's music to raise funds for a memorial statue. Accordingly, the album is no longer available for download.


  1. Danny Spooner is always good to listen to. Great post and thanks for the link.

  2. Another ripper rip.
    Many thanks for posting these classic songs.
    A couple I've not previously heard of. That's a bonus!

  3. Good to have you back. Working my way through your blog; loads of goodies to discover. Muchas gravias.