Sunday, May 12, 2013

Danny Spooner "When a Man's in Love" CD 2002 (LP 1987)

A great album from Danny Spooner issued on LP in 1987. This rip generously provided by one of our visitors is from the "out-of-print" 2002 CD re-issue.

What an excellent performer Danny is particularly with the old English traditional ballads. When it comes to this genre, I doubt that few can equal his overall consistency. My view is that Danny and these songs are made for each other. He is such a credible performer.

Anyway, enough waxing lyrical - here's the tracklist!

1. When a Man's in Love
2. The Flighty Tailor
3. The Ploughboy and the Cockney
4. Sweet Thames Flow Softly
5. The Song of the Wandering Aengus
6. La-Di-Da
7. Spencer the Rover
8. The Redhaired Man's Wife
9. The Week Before Easter
10. Farewell Nancy
11. Wish I Could Write a Love Song

Download with graphics: MP3 320CBR 105Mb
From MediaFire 
Danny Spooner's widow has advised that plans are currently underway to expand the website to re-release Danny's music to raise funds for a memorial statue. Accordingly, the album is no longer available for download.

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