Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lionel Long "The Wild Colonial Boy" 1962 LPs (Mono and Stereo)

LP Rip MP3 VBR 192-224
Track List
1. The Overlander
2. The Crocodile
3. Stockman's Last Bed
4. The Dalby Ram (Australian adaption of Derby Ram)
5. Jabbin Jabbin (adapted Aboriginal)
6. Ten Thousand Miles
7. Wild Colonial Boy
8. Banks of the Condamine
9. Old Bark Hut
10. Brisbane Ladies (Augathella Station)
11. Dust in the Sun
12. Black Velvet Band
13. A Nautical Tale
14. Fool's Gold

Yes, this is one of Lionel Long's early albums where the backing is not all that appropriate and a little overdone. Still, don't let that reduce your enjoyment of Lionel's clear no-nonsense rendition of these mainly traditional Australian songs.

Download MONO Album and graphics MP3 @192-224 VBR 60Mb (2008)
Download STEREO Album and graphics - flac 200Mb

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