Friday, May 22, 2015

Death of Marian Henderson 21 May 2015

What a sad time! According to reports, Marian Henderson passed away yesterday. She had been retired for many years living near Nimbin, NSW. She remained an active piano player for friends. She was a brilliant singer and it is a great pity that her musical output was so limited. Still, we can continue to cherish what is available and to remember her fondly.
Farewell Marian!



    1. The above youtube clips are from the digitised broadcast of "The Restless Years" as originally published on a sister blog at The original screens were partially clipped and this is also apparent in the youtube clips (half-heads etc). You can download an unclipped version of the entire show (in three parts) from that posting.

  2. RIP Marian. A voice lost but never forgotten. Thank you for your many renditions of Australian songs especially Moreton Bay and Streets Of Forbes, your work on The Restless Years and of course your album Cameo.