Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ants Bush Band "The bush has friends to greet us..." LP 1986

And another vinyl rip provided by the Victorian Bush Folkie. Thanks mate! I never knew about this album despite a fair degree of research on the band. It was recorded in August and September 1986 according to its jacket produced by Nicholls N Dimes Records. The Band members at that time were Paul Duncan, Ron Salter, Michael Roberts, Barry Wiggs, Mary McDonald, and Dominic Dickson.

Cleaning the LP did present some difficulties especially on the B side (tracks 7 to 12) but all tracks are at an acceptable level - just don't listen too critically please.

Most of the tracks are of relatively modern authorship; the exceptions being the medley at track 1 and "The Leaving of Liverpool" (track 10). However, three tracks, as noted in the track list, have traditional dance interludes. I think I can identify two of the dance tunes but, rather than make a fool of myself, perhaps some kind soul can confidently identify them (perhaps Mr. Kind Appo?) Yes he has identified them (see his comment and subsequent correction by band member Paul Duncan).

1. Instrumental medley - Irish Washerwoman, Haste to the Wedding, and Merry Old Maid.
2. Clancy of the Overflow
3. No Man's Land (aka Green Fields of France)
4. The Gamble
5. The Pioneers
6. A Tale of Crooked Jack Mick (with unacknowledged instrumental interlude "Waves of Tory")
7. The Ryebuck Shearer (with unacknowledged instrumental interlude "The Rattling Bog")
8. And the Band played Waltzing Matilda
9. The Man from Snow River
10. Leaving of Liverpool
11. Poor Ned
12. The Whale (with unacknowledged instrumental interlude "The Keel Row"and fade out of "The Sailor's Hornpipe")

Proceed to download compressed album file with graphics MP3 224-256 VBR 71 Mb by clicking here.
You will need decompression software or capability to extract album and its files.
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  1. In light of your comment, I'd better download it then... :-)

  2. Instrumentals played, to the best of my knowledge, are as follows:

    Track 6 A Tale of Crooked Jack + The Waves of Tory tune
    Track 7 The Ryebuck Shearer + The Rattling Bog tune
    Track 12 The Whale + The Keel Row tune + a few strains of The Sailors' Hornpipe to fade out...

    Thanks, as always, for uploading this one.

  3. WOW!........ This looks like an autographed copy! Hang on to that one!

  4. Hi lads ... A slight typo there ... Track 6 should read "A Tale Of Crooked Mick", NOT Jack! Cheers, PD