Saturday, May 9, 2015

Captain Moonlight - Untitled LP - 1982

Sorry that I have been missing for a while. I've had some problems - mainly with my computer needing two system re-installs and re-installing and setting up various applications.

This music is the first of several albums ripped by the Victorian Bush Folkie and to be cleaned by me.

I understand that this was a Melbourne based group and the rear of the slip advised the band members as being Martin Hanley, Anthony O'Neill, Noel Murphy, Joe Paolacci and Peter Dwyer. (Wonder why the front cover shows six musicians? - see subsequent comments for the answer.)

They were obviously very competent musicians with a markedly eclectic output but with an emphasis on Celtic instrumentals. They also include Bernard Bolan's "Not many Fish in the Harbour Today"

Only moderate cleaning was required.


1. Bonny Ship the Diamond (English traditional)
2. McFarlane's Lament (air)/ Earl's Chair, Banshee, and Faral Gara (reels)
3. Mines of Australia
4. Hag's Reel and Longford Collector (reels)
5. Not Many Fish in the Harbour Today" (Bernard Bolan)
6. Humours of Ballyloughlin (jig) - Black Creek (reel by Anthony O'Neill)
7. Maryborough Miner
8. Ril Gan Ainm, Devil's Dream, and De'il among the Tailors (reels)
9. Green Groves of Erin and Granny's Gravel Walks (reels)

Click here to download the compressed album file including the the album graphics. File is 50Mb. Tracks are MP3 at 224-256 VBR. The file needs to be decompressed.
Please let me know if the file becomes unavailable for download so I can re-upload.


  1. Welcome back, Paul. Missed you at the National too.....
    Thanks for uploading this one. And great sound quality, Chris..

    1. I did get there on the Monday - some very good performances. Bob Fox was great but so were others.

  2. The young man in the middle (top row) is sound man and roadie to Captain Moonlight, Neil Kidd. He was really much a part of the band as the musicians.

    1. Thank you for that information Julie. Much appreciated

  3. Hi Paul, the file has become unavailable for download so can you please re-upload? Many thanks.
    Laura Paolacci

    1. Done Laura. I do note the family name.

    2. Wonderful, cheers Paul. Yes I'm the middle child of the late Joe Paolacci.
      I'm also interested in downloading this one- Tim O'Brien & Joe Paolacci "Torn Apart/People & War" LP 1982. Would be great to hear dad's voice in the recitations.

  4. Re members of Melbourne based group Captain Moonlight...I thought Tony Lavens (spelling?) was a member of this group.