Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Bushwackers Band "Bushfire" 1979 LP

Track List
Stringybark Creek (a Ballad of Ned Kelly)
Van Dieman's Land
Lime Juice Tub
The Flying Pieman
Past Carin'
Hard Luck Stories
Wild Horses
Fannie Bay

This album is one of my favourites - a lovely mix of traditional and more contemporary Australian folk songs performed by a very talented band with a keen feel for Australian bush music.
"The Flying Pieman" and "Bushfire" are both instrumentals. "Past Carin' " is from the poet Henry Lawson detailing the despair suffered by many of the pioneer women of Australian. "Fannie Bay" (a reference to Darwin's main jail) is in the vein of "Take a Message to Mary" (but don't tell her what I've done) and don't miss "Hard Luck Stories".
Again, Ian of Adelaide provided this great rip for all our enjoyment. Graphics include artist information and the lyrics for all songs. Ripped at 192 CBR.
Download with Graphics
From MediaFire

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  1. A (somewhat more poignant) version of "Fannie Bay" was commonly performed by Darwin trio "Tropical Ear" (..... and yes, there was quartet called "Prickly Heat" too!!)

  2. Thanks very much for that advice RJB - perhaps you could provide a copy :-))

  3. Thank you for this great album Paul. I have discovered this band through your fine blog. The Bushwackers are amazing. I have always liked the Pogues, and I guess The Bushwackers will be another favourite of mine. Keep up good work.