Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mike and Michelle Jackson "The Roaring Days of Henry Lawson" LP 1982

1. The Teams
2. Jackson Stomp
3. I'm a Prouder Man than You
4. Andy's Gone with Cattle
5. The Ballad of the Drover (recitation)
6. The Waterfall Waltz
7. Sycamore Cottage
8. The Song of the Bullock Driver
9. When the Children come Home
10. The Free Selector's Daughter
11. The Hastings Waltz
12. The Fire at Ross's Farm (recitation)
13. The Belltrees Polka
14. Australian Bards & Bush Reviewers

Mike and Michelle Jackson were together from 1979 to 1986. My kids adored them because they featured in the ABC TV Playmates; a young children's show. They were a very talented couple and each could play a large range of musical instruments as evidenced by the excellent instrumental tracks on this LP. Most of their output was aimed at children but they produced two folk albums. This LP, as the name indicates, also features the poetry of the noted Australian poet and short story writer, Henry Lawson, put to music other than the two recited poems noted above.

This is another great rip from Ian of Adelaide of a great LP. All graphics included.

Download MP3 @ 256 CBR
From MediaFire

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  1. Great post, Paul, and thanks Ian. Do you have their Patchwork album? If not, can send you a rip, though the source vinyl was a bit "well used".

  2. This is a far better album than I'd remembered. (I must have been really cranky when I heard it before.) Thanks for another great post.

  3. What a great project! It just goes to show relevant Henry Lawson's poetry can be today.

  4. Thanks for the kind words chaps and chappesses,
    So nice to see this bit of my past still freely available. No, we didn't make it with money in mind! Long live music. :)
    And while I'm at it, bless Warren Fahey Larrikin Records/Folkways for making this and dozens of other projects preserving and promoting Australian Folk Music possible.

  5. I'd been searching for a download of this album for ages and was humming "The Teams" in the shower this morning! My grandparents had this and I used to listen to it over and over. Think the vinyl is currently tucked in with the rest of my Dad's record collection! Time to listen and get all nostalgic and introduce it to my kids! They'll probably think I'm mad!