Monday, March 2, 2009

Canterbury Fair - "Canterbury Fair" - 1978 LP

Track List
1. Bartholomew Fair
2. Fhir a' Bhata
3. Hey, John Barleycorn
4. The Weary Whaling Ground
5. The Bell Ringing
6. Jolly Old Hawk
7. The Bells of Rhymney
8. The Tunnel Tigers
9. The Eynsham Poaching Song
10.The Lancashire Lads
11. The Agincourt Carol
12. Jolly Good Ale and Old
13. False Young Man
14. The Trooper and the Maid
15. Dona Nobis Pacem

Canterbury Fair, an Australian group which specialised in British Isles folksongs, is another line-up of great singers including DannySpooner. In reality, it is effectively the first of two LPs and the follow up LP was the previously posted "Danny Spooner and Friends" LP which has been very popular with visitors to here and Time has Told Me. This one is even better relying more on vocal technique and harmony to produce beautiful songs mostly in a capella style. They do use some very subdued musical backing occasionally.
This is another rip kindly provided by Paul from Brisbane. The download package includes the album artwork giving details of all the songs and the performers.

Download LP Rip MP3 @192-224 VBR 
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  1. Many thanks Paul, and Paul. I've had a worn-out old cassette of this for many years, having briefly borrowed the LP from Danny in 1985. I never thought to hear a good dub of it. I hope someone might be able to make more of Danny's earlier recordings available. Even some of his first CDs are already out of stock. This is great stuff. Garry

  2. Another album recorded by the late Ian Ball. In my mind, an unsung hero of Aussie Folk Music