Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Overlanders "Tribute to Western Australia 150" 1979

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Track List
1. Bound for Western Australia
2. The Graves out West
3. Song of the State Battery
4. Come sing Australian Songs to Me
5. Ten Thousand Miles Away
6. The Kroombit Boys
7. Wild Rover
8. The Catalpa
9. The Men of New Australia
10. Flash Jack from Gundagai
11. The Tea and Damper Song
12. The Dying Stockman
13. The Bushman's Farewell
14. The Black Velvet Band

I bought this LP in 1979 and, for the life of me, I cannot recall a thing about these performers. This album represents a fairly mixed performance. In a couple of songs the lyrics delivered by a female singer are a little indistinct especially in "The Graves out West" track. The better tracks include "The Men of New Australia" about a socialist "utopia" settlement formed by Australian residents in Paraguay in the 1890s lead by an expat American William Lane (a rapid and utter failure). Their relatively easy-going rendition of "Wild Rover" is refreshing. The "Song of the State Battery" was written by a miner about the Government assayists Gold ore crusher at Kalgoorlie and the hope that, one day, it will give positive results for his samples. Kalgoorlie is still a major gold mining town.

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  1. You know Paul, I am surprised you didn't single out "Catalpa" as a special track, a classic song about the rescue of Irish prisoners from Freemantle Gaol, to all those not familiar with the origins of this song, I'd suggest a visit to Wikipedia, or Google would be an education.
    Personally I prefer the version on "Celts to Cobbers"

  2. Yes, I guess that it was fairly relevant seeing that it is the stand-out folk song relevant to Western Australia but, like yourself, I do prefer other versions.

  3. I have already recommended to Paul, the LP by the WA duo, The Settlers (Sean Roche & Alan Ferguson) entitled "Bound for Western Australia" (Tempo label?) which came with a wonderful insert book with lyrics and W.A. history (it was also a 150th celebration thing), but IMHO, is far superior to The Overlanders offering!!
    It's all worthwhile though .... thanks for making these available to us all again.
    Cheers, Ricki

  4. Can anybody provide any info on The Overlanders?


    Robyn Jenkin, singer ; Brenton Tregloan, banjo/mandolin/lute/flute/guitar ; Tony Strutteon, bass ; Graham Jenkin, guitar.

  6. Sean Roche manages The Historic Greenhills Inn,Greenhills Road Greenhills Western Australia.

  7. The Ants Bush Band from Victoria also released a similar album for WA's 150th Anniversary celebrations. Songs that were featured on this album included "Western Australia For Me", "To The West" and "Augathella Station". The album was recorded at EMS studios in South Australia and was produced by Graham Morphett.