Monday, February 16, 2009

Warren Fahey

Warren Fahey has left the following comment on the "Limejuice and Vinegar" posting:-

Howdy. This was the very first line-up of my Larrikin band. Believe it or not I don't have a copy of this LP so delighted it is on the site. Readers might be interested in exploring my Australian Folklore Unit site - especially the extensive section dealing with the early days of the folk revival.

Also I advise readers interested in bush songs and verse that the ABC will release my 10 CD set 'Australia: Folk Songs & Bush Verse' series this April (2009). It contains many songs never before recorded.
warren fahey

The link to the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) shop is HERE. As yet, there is no entry for the 10 CD set but it looks like I had better start saving.
They are currently selling Warren's Panorama of Bush Songs CD and its companion CD Larrikins, Louts and Layabouts - Ditties from the City. Both are also available from other retailers. I have both CDs and they are a great buy.

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  1. I saw Warren Fahey with Dave de Hugard and others in the Philippines recently. Great music played by first class musicians. Loved it.