Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sean & Sonja "Sometime Lovin'" LP 1966

LP MP3 Rip @ 192-224 VBR
Track List
1. The Dove
2. A'Roving
3. First Time Ever
4. Hieland Laddy
5. Spinning Wheel
6. Young Birds
7. Sometime Lovin'
8. Bells of Rhymney
9. 'Twas Pretty to be in Balinderry
10. Whistle Daughter Whistle
11. O' Waly Waly
12. Work of the Weavers
13. Go Lassie Go (Wild Mountain Thyme)

Sean Cullip and Sonja Tallis were a couple of teenagers when they combined in 1964 to form a folk duo, Sean and Sonja. Their good looks, talent and great harmonisation brought them to favourable notice. In 1965 they were signed to CBS and produced three very successful LPs until Sean was conscripted to serve in Vietnam in 1966. This LP was the third of these. In 1968, they were reunited and played the circuits until 1974. Sonja went on to become a moderately successful actor best known for her role in the Australian soapie "Prisoner". I understand that she now teaches acting and is still involved in theatre. This rip was done and generously provided by another Paul who hails from Brisbane. Many thanks Paul!

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