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Warren Fahey & the Larrikins "Limejuice and Vinegar" 1977

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Warren Fahey has been singing, producing, promoting, history writing and just about anything else about folk music in Australia for decades. He was the founder of the Larriken label which supported so many Australian Folk Singers. (Google him if you'd like to know more about this fine man and his very extensive website).
This was one of his earlier albums first produced by EMI in 1977 and later released on Larrikin label. It has never been released on CD. Some of the songs have been released on later albums but they are new releases with different line-ups of musicians.
All the tracks on this album were collected in Australia and most of them are sea songs or shantys with a couple of obvious exceptions. This is not one of my rips but it is a good one. the encoding rate of 128 CBR is a little lower than I like but these, soundwise, are relatively simple tracks and they will not disappoint. The LP Title "Limejuice and Vinegar" refers the use of these products to prevent scurvy on the lengthy trips to Australia.

Track List
1. Codfish Shanty (Cape Cod Shanty)
2. According to the Act
3. The Lost Sailor
4. Blow the Man down
5. The Gum Tree Canoe
6. Foley and the Green
7. The Golden Vanity
8. Rolling Home
9. The Wonderful Crocodile
10. The Jolly Puddlers
11. The Female Rambling Sailor
12. The Catalpa Escape
13. Ginny on the Moor
14. A Long Time Ago
15. Hornpipe Set
16. Leave Her, Jollies, Leave Her

Additional Information
In the tags of these tracks, I acknowledged the performers as Warren Fahey (singer), Paddy McLaughlin (singer; 5 string banjo), Jack Fallis (singer; guitar; mandolin) and Tony Suttor (singer:concertina). Missing were Liora Claff (singer) and Ned Alexander (fiddle).

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  1. Howdy. This was the very first line-up of my Larrikin band. Believe it or not I don't have a copy of this LP so delighted it is on the site. Readers might be interested in exploring my Australian Folklore Unit site - especially the extensive section dealing with the early days of the folk revival.
    Also I advise readers interested in bush songs and verse that the ABC will release my 10 CD set 'Australia: Folk Songs & Bush Verse' series this April (2009). It contains many songs never before recorded warren fahey